Due to lockdown in India domestic violence cases has increase rapidly. Lockdown increases the risk of domestic violence within the home. Domestic Violence includes a physical, sexual, financial, psychological and emotional abuse against the women in house which is safest place for any person. During lockdown lot of women suffers with the act of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation by the husband or other family members. Disconnection from outside or parental home support is one of the biggest reason for rise in domestic violence during lockdown. Due to lockdown victim of domestic violence not able the leave the place and continue to suffer the violence and can face physical and mental health difficulties. Another reason for rise in domestic violence is mental stress, insecurity of job, financial stress, future of business and other futuristic emotions of the person which led the violence. Another reason for rise in domestic violence is act of victim in most of the cases victims always blame themselves for violence instead of retaliation. Acceptance of violence increases the cycle of abuse and it should not be acceptable. Victims should always report the domestic abuse to the police and also informed about the violence to friends, family and neighbors. There are helplines number for the victim of domestic violence provided by the government. When the victim report to police, she has to elaborate entire incidents which were happened and should give a written complaint and ask for security from the police. If the violence physically hurt the victim, then she has to ask for medical examination (MLC) from the police. In such situations police called the abuser and send them to the counselors to resolve their family issues. Victim can adopt other legal options against the domestic violence such as she can report to the Woman Commission if police officer is not ready to assist the victim or Victim can directly file the Complaint against the abusers by filing a case under section 12 of DV ACT.

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