I often wonder, how life would be if I had not become a lawyer. Would I be working as an engineer in some multi national company or would have been a part of Indian Administrative Services?; and i have no answer to any of these questions.

I became an engineer and started preparing of IAS. Meanwhile by the grace of God I also secured a seat in LL.B. course. In the first year the first subject was Constitution of India (it was also a part of curriculum of UPSC). So as a hardworking student i started learning about our constitution. It changed my life.

Well that was the day, I was married to Law. I left my UPSC preparation got scolded, discouraged and demotivated by many people around me.

I do not regret my decision, i cannot see myself in any other profession. I have learnt many things after I became a lawyer but most importantly law made me a better person.

I want to share my knowledge, experience and current legal trends with young lawyers and law students so that they could become better lawyers with their heart in the right place.

This is how I pay my dues to the society!

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